November 17, 2008

The opposition is ignorant

Great. Awesome. Terrifying. There was a point as I was watching this where I honestly thought I was going to shout at my monitor. I'm trying so hard to buy into this whole pragmatist/super-genius narrative of Obama, but whenever I see something like this it reminds me that Obama didn't win the election by being a better politician. He didn't beat John McCain (or more importantly, he didn't beat conservatism - something McCain was ill-equipped to represent) and he didn't beat Sarah Palin. Barack Obama won because the media that most Americans rely on for their "truth" was utterly tainted in favor of him. I hope on January 20th Obama thanks them, and then promptly starts disintegrating everyone in sight like in Mars Attacks. Blarg.

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westie8 said...

Well ,
As far as I can see it ,Obama has nowhere to go but down.He has made so many promises that I can't keep track.I hope he will make me rich and thin!