December 18, 2007

Death becomes her.

Is it me, or is Hillary starting to look like Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn towards the very end of Death Becomes Her? No matter. At the end of the day the Democratic front-runner is still basically an empty suit compared to even the foggiest Republican candidate. The Huckster has his issues, but I think you're crazy if you think he'll go all the way. Rudy, Mitt, Fred - all are basically light years ahead of Hillary, Obama, and Edwards in terms of goals and issue-oriented thought. Rush sums it up rather neatly: Will this country want to actually watch a woman get older before their eyes on a daily basis? Awesome question. Personally, I could care less how she looks, as long as she's not in any position of power that gives credibility to her frighteningly socialist agendas. Hillary I have seen your evil, and it is called "Wealth Redistribution."

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westie8 said...

Personnally ,I find it inconcievable that the American people would want their first woman president to be such an empty shell of a person.Standing their like a spineless dope when her husband got caught screwing around.Will this be her reaction when she finds out that some little country ,say Iran,starts screwing around with North Korea?
Personally,If I was going to vote for a woman it would be for someone like Condi Rice ,But she isn't running .At least I don't cringe at the sound of her voice!