December 27, 2007


Left: That is an 8 week old fetus. Yes it was alive.
Over at the NY Times they have a running display of where the candidates stand on several issues, but after reading a few something started to bother me. The Democrats are VERY inconsistent about their appraisal of federal government. For example: they unanimously agree that the federal gov't should instate universal health care of one sort or another - a traditional big gov't proposal. Centralize everything. They only appear interested in allowing American citizens the right of choice in one key area: murder. I'll leave it there since my prejudice is clear, but I think the picture on the left explains it all.


westie8 said...

I must say that the importance of this particular choice wavers for me depending on wether I will need it or not.when I was a fertile and stupid younger person I would have said that this is the most important issue on the list.Now that I am older and have had a hysterectomy ,I am consumed by other issues.Like how to keep illegal immigrants from having babies .I guess this makes me pro munchousen by proxy!

Dirt Roads Scholar said...

It's to the point that I actually try to avoid the abortion debate unless I just can't help myself. Either someone I'm fond or, at least cordial with, will be perceived as severely morally diminished in all further contacts from that point on - or in the case of a stranger, the conversation will escalate like a short fuse, and explode into nothingness in a flash. Not that I lose my temper, but I coldly and logically pose questions until the relativistic poster child for the Fall of Man goes apoplectic.

Anyone who can rationalize murder in one case, is perfectly capable, given the right emotional nudge, to rationalize it in any case. I can't even dismiss them with a 'bless your heart' anymore.