December 7, 2007

NBC is afraid of anti-war "crazies", and you should be too

I get my news from the DrudgeReport, and you should too.

Freedom's Watch is not a bad group. They aren't extremist or off center. If anything, they seem to represent the views of the average patriotic American - which is apparently appalling to NBC. I guess this is what happens when you need a special interest group in order to get any weight in at the table in Washington. The article basically says they submitted their advertisement and were denied because it has their URL on it - not because they're a political organization, but because the advertisement was about an issue of public controversy. Damn. Supporting the men and women that have knowingly sacrificed their freedom and potentially their lives is controversial in America now. Maybe we need an "if you don't like it you can find somewhere else to live" policy for people that find supporting the troops controversial. I digress...
The NBC people are saying that the ad isn't controversial so much as the content on the webpage is. Comments like "For too long, conservatives have lacked a permanent political presence to do battle with the radical special interests groups and their left-wing allies in government." are polarizing and "controversial" and so NBC can't air their ad. I guess those comments are only controversial if you are a radical special interest group or a left-wing person allied to one.
Freedom's Watch is a political group with an agenda. So far as I can see, that agenda is to ensure that our military is not robbed of the resources or operational capabilities necessary in order to secure the freedom and liberty of American citizens. I guess I just like them because they have a video with a fellow Marine in it. We enlisted together and we've both been to Iraq a few times, but he's in a wheelchair now. We freely give our lives to secure NBC's right to prevent controversial material from airing. I say they've got Sgt Robinson's permission - who else is there to ask?

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