December 9, 2007

NBC rethinks madness. Washington Post full of barbs...

It looks like NBC has come to their senses on the Freedom's Watch advertisement mess. I really don't know what they were thinking. On one hand I want to believe that it was nothing but a matter of needing to change a policy that wasn't making sense in this particular case. My gut tells me that things are probably more sinister than that though. NBC may not necessarily be watched by anti-war crazies, but its obvious their marching orders come from that camp. Intuitively at least.
I really like that last line from the Washington Post article:

Freedom's Watch, a group backed by wealthy Republican fundraisers, has emerged as one of the best-financed conservative groups. It seeks to be a vocal advocate of President Bush's current policy in Iraq.

It would be hard to read that and not conclude that Freedom's Watch is directly tied to and completely supportive of everything that President Bush has chosen to do in Iraq. It seems more likely that they sprang up as a necessary counter-group in order to lobby against liberal anti-war agendas. It just seems like they're making a really big leap in logic in an attempt to smear Freedom's Watch. Most people will agree that the President's policies have been flawed or poorly enacted at times, and connecting Freedom's Watch to Bush's flawed policy without mentioning the details of what they support seems like a careful smear. I could just be overreacting though. Imagine that.

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