December 9, 2007

Oh snap!

I'd like to believe that voters aren't so damned stupid. I'd like to, but I don't. Obama has Oprah campaigning for him, Hilary has Bill, Edwards has...Ms. Linda Dogan? All of these shenanigans over "securing the black vote" - as if anything could be more insulting. I guess its only insulting if you don't fall for it. Judging from the stadium they need to hold the crowds I think some voters really are starstruck. Damn your black heart Oprah.
The thought of any of the democratic candidates winning the general election is terrifying to me - the siren song of socialism wailing away every time they open their nasty little mouths. It seems shameful that an Edwards supporter was basically saying that the media antics from Oprah and Mr. Hillary were ploys to distract the black voters, but then the Edwards campaign distanced themselves from her. Politicians are awful people.
This whole thing is nonsense in reality, but Ms. Hogan's tenacity is enjoyable:

"If you can build a school in South Africa, build one in South Carolina"

Oh SNAP! This circus is spiraling out of control...

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westie8 said...

It's shameful that americans follow Opra's ass like lemmings,
I think it may be time for the people of this country to start voting based on facts only.Wouldn't it be great if the elections were like the ones in high school. where all the candidates line up and take turns answering the same questions No more party shenanigans ,no more need for campaign funding. Just the candidates standing in line for all of us to evaluate .
What a huge waste of money campagning is!