December 27, 2007

Old news, but worth remembering

Thanksgiving 2006. Cpl Brian Matthews and his date Jennifer Bower are killed by an illegal alien that was driving while extremely drunk (.32 BAC). I remember hearing about this and feeling a strange combination of furious and sick. Marines are meant to die in either fire and blood, or at peace in the home they fought viciously to defend...not senselessly ruined on the side of the road thanks to poor border control and a long-standing policy of ignorance and "good will" from our politicians. The fact that he died is sad, and had it been an American that struck their car it would still have been shameful and disgustingly irresponsible, but that isn't the black irony to me. Cpl Matthews joined the United States Marine Corps to protect and defend the liberties of the people of the United States, but when he was home from Iraq and trying to enjoy that sweet liberty he was killed by a man that had no right to the freedoms that Cpl Matthews had purchased. My sense of justice remains taxed even a year after this happened. ...and if I a combat zone...just box me up...and ship me home...tell my momma...I did my best...then bury I can rest...

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