December 21, 2007

Rice to Huck: Get your facts straight.

Ms. Rice is probably the most determined and intelligent woman in politics today. Despite being very capable of defending herself, and the administration, she rarely does. Going the high road often has the result of leaving your "opponents" thinking that your silence means they've somehow scored a point. Not exactly. Mike Huckabee (who I'm having a hard time giving a fair shot) has been increasingly taking a traditional liberal stance on criticizing the current administration's foreign policy. It is noteworthy that Huck has zero foreign policy credentials, and to wit - may be a less than average student of American history. Apparently he didn't realize that the US has not only revived old diplomatic relations with France and Germany, but we are making tentative (and cautious) progress with North Korea and Iran. Even if we weren't making a damn bit of progress with them, Huck is basically saying that our foreign policy is to make all the decisions without talking to anyone. The "bunker mentality" as he puts it. I wish someone would unseat this clown before the primaries get going. I'd be embarrassed as a Christian and as a conservative to have that man paraded across the country as "my" candidate. I guess maybe the MSM is just kiting this whole thing so they can air an upset story. Until then, Huckabee continues to make progress by feasting on the souls of the uninformed.

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