February 9, 2008

The 'Swiftboating' of John McCain

I don't love John McCain, but I'll admit some of the statements in this video are a bit disingenuous. John McCain's actions during the war are no more out of bounds than Kerry's were though so expect our glorious new frontrunner to see some friction nationally over this. No matter how thin it is, it only takes a few 30 second spots and all of America will believe anything you want. Meh.

The Money is at about 4:15. I haven't seen anything additional to back these statements up, but I will say that if any of this is true you can bet McCain is going to look like a damn fool. If he did choose not to come home due to special treatment, but stayed there to make dozens upon dozens of propaganda films for the North Vietnamese...which by the way is extraordinarily dishonorable to us in the military. I still remember seeing the videos of the Pueblo being captured something like 40 years ago - all of the prisoners would read the propaganda letters as ordered...while flipping the middle finger to the camera. Man the North Koreans were furious when they found out that that was about. Long story short - in time of war you don't give your enemy anything to use against your nation. If John did and lied about it we're screwed. Can Romney 'renig' if that happens? Would he?

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westie8 said...

None of that matters anymore! We can't elect him because th New York Times said he cheated on his wife.LOL!