February 6, 2008

When boys replace men

Al Qaeda (AQ) is apparently training young boys for terrorist operations ranging from kidnapping to terrorizing courtyards full of innocent folk (if anyone can truly be called innocent). To me this could mean a couple of things. AQ may be having a hard time finding grown men willing to blow themselves up, especially considering the resiliency of some of our newer tactical vehicles. Historically this has been common as the militant base of a country dies out in war - Nazi Germany is a good example. I really don't think this is the case though since the Quran compels the muslim to Jihad, and Jihad lately means doing what AQ says. Its also possible that AQ recognizes the potential mental struggle some people face when firing a round into a child (we're talking about kids as young as 6) and is looking to further horrify Americans at home with returning stories of atrocities on children. This was a factor in our withdrawal from Vietnam (atrocities), second in importance to the ferocity with which dirty hippies fought to end the war...I digress. AQ have proven themselves to understand us better than we give them credit for. I will even go so far as to say that their PR campaign is vastly superior to our own, but I caveat that by saying that the reason is because aforementioned dirty hippies are also multicultural swine - they really believe Islam is a more relevant cultural idea than democracy...that we are to blame for all of our problems. Digressing again.
What does all this mean? Nothing really. Some hard left folks in America will find a way to blame this on Bush, but the majority of people will realize that this is another example of the depravity of AQ, and the other-worldly nature of Islam in general. In the end, I cannot say what each individual will do when faced with an 8 year old boy holding an RPG. I can only verify that in my mind his age is not a factor in his role as a combatant, and training wins out over emotion every day. As a conservative I place great value in personal choice, and that boy may very well pay a severe price for a decision that he doesn't understand, but must pay for nonetheless.

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf - George Orwell


Citizen Grim said...

When the mighty mujadiheen resort to sending boys and mentally handicapped women on their suicide runs, it really smacks of desperation and cowardice. The problem for them is, they should have tried these tactics back in 2004, when they would have a greater horrifying impact. At this point, the West has been desensitized by gradually increasing levels of atrocity, and so Al Qaeda has to constantly try to outdo themselves in ever more spectacular ways. This is getting harder and harder for them to do, with their increasingly limited resources and manpower, and most importantly - in the midst of an increasingly hostile indigenous population.

westie8 said...

Where are they finding these women who are retarded enough to let a bomb be strapped to them but not so retarded that they can still follow directions?
You're right about being desensitized.I don't think we should wait for the bombs to be strapped to them.we should just shoot to kill when we see retarded women in Iraq.Frankly those kids dont look so cute to me either!As a matter of fact ,I think that we have some here in our inner citys.We have our very own terrorists right here that we should be sending over there.The Crypts and the Bloods would do very well over there and we are training them early too!
Americans are so naive.We think everything is worth saving.We cry for people on death row.We are so upset about the conditions of our Iraqi prisoners that they have no problem embarrasing our country with the details.During WWII we had a saying
"loose lips sink ships"
This still applies now and should be Re released on posters so we remember that putting our country down inspires the enemy.It shows our weakness for sad little lost puppies, killers and rapists.