February 20, 2008

What the Deuce Am I?

It seems like classification is more and more important in our hyper-polarized society. Meanwhile, I have no idea what I am anymore. Saying that I'm conservative or liberal carries almost no water since there are people in DC operating under those banners that I don't identify or agree with at all. For me to really know where I stand on this election I think its best for me to look at what type of government I would have if I had my way (coup notwithstanding).

1) The government's job should be to secure and defend the liberties of the people of the USA. That encompasses ensuring that we have the best military and border security in the world, but also that our civil liberties are not challenged by random acts of judicial imprudence.

2) Our tax system should never put a higher cost on being American for people that make more money. A percentage system seems the most fair to me - as long as at the end of the day the billionaire and I have both paid our equal parts towards continuing this grand experiment. What I DON'T want is a system that ever takes money from someone that works and gives it to someone that doesn't - a system that rewards laziness and establishes a sense of entitlement in its citizens. You are entitled to the products of your own labor. We live in the most vibrant society with arguably the best open economy in the world - if you aren't legitimately incapable of work then get off your seat and stop sucking the life out of hard working folk's pockets.

3) I don't want our government to care about AIDS in Africa or Darfur or anything except its people and their welfare. To me this means that our government would never lift a finger (with your money) to help poor disenfranchised people anywhere, but instead would support faith-based and other charitable organizations to continue to do this in a free-market sense. Are there people that need help? Of course. Is it right for my government to tax me for someone's goodwill projects? I think not.

4) Our politicians are servants, and should serve us from our level - not above. I don't mean to seem "classist", but there aren't very many Americans that are career politicians. Why do they represent us then? I would much rather make those positions more equivalent to pro-bono legal work or even military service. The pay isn't why you do it, right?

5) Screw the environment. Yep. Its not my government's place to make decisions about the environment, its mine. Does that mean I think we should burn our forests down and pump all of our oil into the sea? No...well maybe. It means that I don't think our government should make any decisions that aren't motivated by the need to protect and defend its people (see point 1) and environmentalist notions of "mother earth crying out for help" should mean nothing...well nothing more than any other dirty hippy brainslush.

I realize that these points aren't perfectly developed, and that they may even have some critical faults in logic, but that doesn't change that they're basically what I expect from my government. I don't know what my thoughts make me. Am I a Republican? A Democrat? I guess I'm just a regular guy that expects his government to serve him and not the other way around...a government that has no self-interest. Its like our government is the same as Sky-Net in The Terminator. Its become self-aware...


westie8 said...

Well now.As A person from New Jersey I can truly Identify with this.I live in a state where the governer has been holding us hostage in his rediculous efforts to pay back our deficit by raising our taxesn to 7%.When we said no he closed all the public parks because he claimed he can't run them without the tax hike.We gave in!We are such idiots!
Now he wants to raise the tolls on the turnpike and the parkway to help with this endeaver.It will cost my husband a hundred dollars a week to get to work just for tolls.Why is he hitting up the working commuters for this?I guess because he thinks they have deeper pockets than the poor sad welfare mothers.I also am tired of supporting the people who have made a living out of seeing how much they can get for free.
Our government is out of controll! They are not accountable for anything they do.I am trying to figure out why he doesnt just stop the graft and sweet deals the government of New Jersey gives itself and leave us alone.This is all being arranged by someone who doesn't have to pay tolls!
I am Registered as a rupublican primarily because I want to keep some of my own money.I am not saying I don't want to help other people ,but I would like to make that choice myself.If I wanted to support people in Africa I would write them a check ,but I don't feel its my responsibility to help people who are too stupid to use a condom.
I also am having a hard time understanding the mindset of the American people.Sometimes I feel like they are Oprah's lemmings.Yeah...I think I'll just vote the way the T.V. stars do cause they are soooo Cool!
I agree with what you said about everything being taxed the same irregardless of income.I also would like to see the deductions stop.If you give to charity and then claim it on your taxes you are a true asshole!I dont want to pay for your Child care or your childrens college education.I dont think I should help with your travel expenses for work because I am going to be busy getting New Jersey out of debt by paying my own.i am such an angry person lately!

Citizen Grim said...

Heh... on Facebook, where it asks what your political alignment is, I selected "Other." I agree, there's not really any good label for what I believe.

Yes, I think we should be concerned about Darfur and AIDS and pristine forests hither and yon. But we should be concerned about them as individuals, because they aren't the government's responsibility.

In fact, when any government tries to address things that government is typically poorly suited to address, they tend to muck things up. Government needs to stick to what it was originally intended for: keeping the peace and providing for the common defense.

If we as a people - exceedingly prosperous and creative as we are - could get back into the mentality of individual endeavor and responsibility, the world would change overnight. In ten years' time, we wouldn't be worrying about Darfur and AIDS and reticulated butterflies... we'd be worrying about how many snacks we should bring on our vacation to Neptune.

Okay, that last part might be a bit optimistic...