March 28, 2008


The movie Fitna has been released despite death threats from Muslims across America. If you haven't watched it yet you need to. Not because it is an amazing triumph of cinema, but because you will see firsthand in the film the scenes you should expect to see around us in the years to come. It is an honest representation of Islam, and of the problem left for Muslims to solve. Can they reinterpret the Quran in order to coexist with any other religion, or will they continue to pursue conquest?

I don't think there's any chance that Islam will change in any meaningful way in order to suit the rest of the world, but the danger is that "cultural marxism" will leave us disarmed against assimilation. Islam will seek to indoctrinate the west through blood and fire whether it suits our concept of reality or not. For as long as we have the 2nd amendment, I recommend you purchase a few guns because your government is intent on doing nothing to protect you from threats that it refuses to recognize and you're going to have to take matters into your own hands eventually. It remains the responsibility of every man to take care of himself and his own. Man the ramparts...Islam will be at our gates before you know it.

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westie8 said...

I am Stunned by the number of people who believe this bullshit!
What needs to happen to make people see whats really happening?Are the american people so stupid or do we need an actual attack to see the truth.I can't believe that there are this many dummies living as free pesons in our country!
I feel sick sometimes when I see that the people in this country don'ty see that we are going tom go down as a result of our inability to see the truth.
Until we recognize that we are the cause,until we recognize that our free will gives us the right to take the easy road, we will not be able to see that we are causing all of this!!
It is so easy to write on thias blog how I feel!it's so easy to write that I can't believe that this is what the world has come to.It's so easy to write what I feel. In another coyuntry I might pay with my life for what I believe .We take it for granted that wer can say what we like .I am secure that what I say is just Fuckin' fine ,
I go to bed tonight believing that I will wake up tomorrow feeling just like I do now.What a great thing it is being here.I LOVE AMERICA!!!!