August 6, 2008

California Burning

In a strange twist of geological misfortune, California is burning from below. Not all of California mind you, just a hot spot located on some US Bureau of Land Management property. The ground is reported to have hit a surface temperature of 812 degrees Fahrenheit and has melted the soles off of geologist's shoes if they stand still too long.

Somehow, carbon emissions are to blame for this. If we could just cut back on our consumption and be more like Germany the earth would stop lashing out at us in anger...

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westie8 said...

ok I AM LASHING OUT IN ANGER!I am angry,that I need to park the SUV and drive the Dodge shadow!Just Kidding! We no longer own an SUV! its either The shadow or the Tempo
!LOL!What I need to know is how much gas do I need to save before I can drive the Bronco! LOL!It's true ! Life sucks then you die!LOL!