April 29, 2008

Spring cleaning...


I was just reading about this new DNC ad that attacks McCain for his comments about 100 years in Iraq...comments that amount to a statement of diligence rather than insanity to me, but I digress. In the advertisement there are images of the chaos that our military endures on behalf of US citizens and some commentary that would lead you to believe that McCain is as evil as Bush and that you're voting to kill the military if you vote McCain. Nonsense. If the idea of a president that has some idea of the danger we face,and insists on protecting Americans from it makes you nervous then you're living in a blissful state of ignorance.

Digression again. The video link is to a video that I took from a site that was sympathetic to Al Qaeda...so sympathetic that they were sharing propaganda that was meant to recruit terrorists. My point is that the DNC is making advertisements in a context that results in the same thing as these terrorists. Scary stuff. I recommend watching the video all the way through. In many of the cases the guys hit aren't killed because of how well armored we are, but there are likely many serious injuries. The music is also painfully catchy.

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westie8 said...

Catchy for sure.I'm still tapping my toe and snapping my fingers.What can be more fun than a tribute to standing behind a bush and setting off a bomb!I've seen girls fight with more bravery and honor.
I am amazed that they could actually be proud of what they do.Blowing up mentally retarded women and children in the name of Allah!
As for the constant attack on Bush and McCain.I wish people would stand back and imagine how they would like to have those asshole's right in our country standing behind bushes setting off bombs and watching the carnage.Whether they like it or not thats the plan !
While Hillary and Obama are busy fighting over an idiot preacher and whether the people in Pennsylvania are Hicks or not.Bush is worrying about how to straighten out a mess that started long before his presidency,and McCain is trying to get elected to work on the problem while still standing in the real world.
Americans are amazingly easy to lead around by the nose.They are selfish by nature and will generally do whatever is best for themselves as individuals rather than what is best for the world as a whole.They are more concerned about the price of gas than they are about the worth of a soldiers life.Having never slept in a foxhole while bullets whiz by overhead ,they think that we are in a depression because the price of milk went up. I worry that they will never see whats really going on.The vidio is some scarry shit!